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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

It's Never to Early to Read to Your Baby​


Pediatricians and early childhood educators have reported that it's never too early to read to your baby.


In fact, studies show that children whose parents read to them get a head start on the skills they need to learn to read. At present, one third of children starting kindergarten do not have the skills they need to learn to read.

This is where Mother Goose: Read to Me can help. Our volunteers will meet with you personally or in small groups to:

  • Share the importance of talking and reading to babies

  • Share fun and different ways to read books to babies

  • Bring free books for you to keep and use


We work with parents who have children pre-natal through two years old..

For more information contact us through the Contact page on this website.

​Tips for Parents

Reading to Infants:

  • Make reading part of every day, even for just a few minutes.

  • Hold your baby on your lap while you read.

  • Babies like board books; pictures of babies; rhymes and songs from the same book over and over; and when you point to pictures - this is how babies learn.

Reading to one year old's:

  • Let your toddler move around while you are reading.

  • Name the pictures - this is how toddlers learn new words.

  • Read labels and signs wherever you go.

  • Toddlers like the same book over and over; a book at bedtime; to choose and hold the book; books about food, trucks, animals, and children; and books with few words.

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